March 27, 2019


Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and is viewed as disciplined learning of all aspects of life to balance mind, body and soul to achieve the optimum holistic health. India, being the birthplace of Yoga, attracts a huge number of people from across the world with the purpose to seek the true meaning of Yoga and to learn & practice the undiluted form of Yoga and its various forms. So if you are looking for an escape from your mundane life and wish to indulge in a sense of peaceful tranquillity then the Shivoham Yoga Retreats is meant for you which is located in the beautiful countryside of Jaipur in India promising a unique spiritual experience through the power of Yoga & meditation.

Shivoham Yoga Retreats offers various yoga programs, focussing on unplugging from the hustle bustle of city life and surrendering yourself into the natural surroundings. These Yoga programs and series recuperate and detoxify the mind and body at their most profound levels bringing the essential transformations and softening qualms inside you. A yoga session at Shivoham Yoga Retreats will nurture and revive your body, construct strength and adaptability, efficient vitality, and rebalanced & settle moods.

Come, learn and explore with the certified yoga instructors who combine yoga and meditation to create an engaging experience for the rejuvenation of your mind, body & soul. Throughout your stay at the Shivoham Yoga Retreats, you will witness the calmness and peace enwreathing your soul while you capitulate into the serenity of nature. With the complete 8 days yoga package, you will also be visiting various the beautiful places of Pink City, Jaipur to get up-close with the history and the culture of this city. The package also includes accommodation, a welcome kit, daily meals, pick up & drop off from the airport, ayurvedic massage, daily yoga & meditation sessions and yoga philosophy classes. So embrace this life-transforming opportunity to balance your energies and reconnect with your soul through a spiritual yoga journey only at the Shivoham Yoga Retreats.

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